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Main Features: u25cf Bottom airflow u25cf 5ml large juice capacityu25cf Dual coil building u25cf 510 connection u25cf 304SS and glass construction Brand: Wotofo Model: The Troll Type: Rebuildable Atomizer,Rebuildable Tanks Material: Glass,S..
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Description:Are you still distressed about using normal screwdrivers to fix some tiny components? Come and have a look at the Wowstick electric screwdriver, great outlook with great function performance, you will also be professional with it!Features:- 6063 aluminum body, S2 alloy steel screw bits, ..
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Main Features:u25cf A high-res audio headset with true wireless designu25cf Supports LHDC Bluetooth decoding. Comparing to the Bluetooth SBC audio format, LHDC allows more than 3 times the data transmitted and also provides the most realistic and high definition wireless audio u25cf Semi-in-ear desi..
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Main Features:u25cf 7mm neodymium iron boron magnetic + titanium-plated diaphragm dynamic ring speaker unitu25cf ANC active noise reductionu25cf Lightweight, IPX4 water resistance as well u25cf Can be paired with iOS and Android devices, including tablets laptops, and mobile phones u25cf Both the r..
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Main Features:u25cf Split body design, pick up automatic boot, storage automatically shut down and chargeu25cf Storage box for easy carryingu25cf Bluetooth 5.0 technology, stereo call, intelligent noise reduction, automatic connection, ultra-low power consumptionu25cf Smart touch operationu25cf 7.2m..
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Main Features:u25cf Wireless switch, a necessary device for smart home.u25cf Simply step installation, easy to use.u25cf Custom turn on / off other smart home products.u25cf Collocate with Xiaomi smart home devices set, you can own more different uses.u25cf Super practical equipment for you and your..
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Main Features:u25cf AI facial recognition, early detection of danger with occurrence frequency and residence time in the Appu25cf To reduce criminals, voice-changing system, women living alone can make remote call with strangers by male voices u25cf Motion detection, instant alert, App push notifica..
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CPL:Color and contrast enhancement, Slim-CPL Stays Always the Best Partner for Your Camera !Light rays which are reflected by any surface can become polarised, so polarising filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. CPL allows you to remove unwanted reflections from non-met..
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